Lets Talk About Digital Literacy

Lets talk about Digital Literacy…

What is Digital literacy?

After a bit of research I came up with my own definition on digital literacy. Digital literacy is the ability to read and write with the convenience of technology. One reads and article, website, online, etc. then one evaluates what they have read, then one shares the information read or shares their opinion on what they read in a form such as a blog or even a tweet, something including technology.


What is digital fluency?

According Heitin L. being digitally fluent is to be “able to understand, select and use the technologies and technological systems” that have arose and are continue to rise in society (Heitin L). Because digital fluency is a “combination of digital proficiency, digital literacy, and social competence it is still thought of as showing wisdom and confidence in the application and use of digital technologies” (Heitin L). In my words digitally fluent means acting accordingly to the social and playing the part when needed. This also means being able to find appropriate resources when needed and using them appropriately when sharing online. Some may say that digital fluency is being able to find resources, writing about them or putting that resource in what you are writing about, all while citing that resource so its not considered plagiarism.


What are the essential elements of digital learning or digital literacy?

Some essential elements of digital learning or digital literacy is contained in three categories by Spencer, K. Number one being finding and consuming digital content. Number two: creating digital content. Number three: communicating or sharing it. Finding and consuming digital content ultimately means reading print on a device. Creating content embraces the creation of digital content which is then to be shared. Sharing and communicating involves sharing the digital creation into the technology world.


What do I think I do well when it comes to digital literacy?

I think that I do well in the digital literacy world when I research something for an assignment then create my project or assignment around what I researched. The digital sharing part clearly is not a big part of my life because I only share what I researched and created with my professors. When it comes to things such as social media I don’t go in to extensive research I just post what I want and what I think is appropriate for me and my future.


What do I want to learn?

What I want to learn is how to blog, even though I have wrote this blog, I am not as confident in blogging as I want to be. I do not blog and do not really know how to so that is what I want to learn. I want to learn tricks and tips to make a blog funny even if it is about serious topics.

What do I expect to learn?

Since this blog is all about digital literacy I expect to learn to become more digitally literate when I share things in the technology world. Although not everything I share, tweet, post, or snap is going to be digitally literate because its life.


What do we need to do in order to ecome effective digital learners and leaders?

Personally I think in order to become effective digital learners and leaders first we need learn technology and how to use it. Then after learning technology we learn who our audience is or even who the digital creation is for. Then we need to learn how to share it for everyone to see.

For the teacher out there I think this 7 Reasons Why Digital Literacy is Important for Teachers is a great read. Go check it out!



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  1. I love the format of this blog post! Learning how to use technology is super important for teaching with it. Sometimes, I look at the preschoolers I am around and wonder how they know more about using an iPad than me. It will be important for us as educators to keep up with technology so we can keep our teaching exciting for our students!


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