The Learner I Am Today Because Of These 5 Experiences

I guess I could say I had and have a pretty interesting learning life, but really who doesn’t. Since I do not remember much of my learning life up until my eighth grade year I will start there.

My eighth grade year I was taking 9th grade math, which if I remember right was algebra. Taking a grade high math class was difficult but I was doing fine all year long until the end of the year test came along which decided if I would continue with the next level of math or redo 9th grade math yet again in my 9th grade year. The test was on the computer, of course, the class had two chances to pass, if you did not pass you had to take the class again. I of course was not wanting to take it again because I was all about being ahead of my education. I took the test for the second time and just my luck I failed to meet the passing mark. When I found out I started to angry cry and took off to seek comfort from my mother who was in the school building. This moment in my life I knew I very strongly disliked using computers to do math and also considered math as my enemy. I ended up going to summer school to take the class over again, on computer of course, and I passed and was table to continue my higher math class in the normal school year.

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To add a little bit more on the higher-grade classes I took I ended up graduating high school with college credits which is helping me greatly in my college career. I think that being offered and able to take higher grade or college courses during my high school career really has motivated me to stay on a fast track to one day my hopeful forever job. The fast tracking and motivation really lead my to push myself into doing my best and getting good grades. Because I am fast tracked in my education I have been on the dean’s list three times in my four semesters in college and I have the ability to graduate a semester early.

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“Fast Movement” Photo CC-by John Jonas

My favorite class through all my years of school by far is science. To me science is so interesting because it touches so many bases of life and allows my to experiment on my own which over all I believe science comes pretty natural to me. Although science does involve some math I still enjoy it because most of the time the formula is given to you to learn and figure. Some of the reason I may like science is because my mother was and still is a science teacher. Not saying that my mother forced science upon my but we for sure share the interesting features that come with science.

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Photo CC-by The Kingsway School

Back to my enemy… math. After a certain incident in my math class I have found myself more of a loner learner in math and that I cannot focus or figure out the answer to a math problem unless I am doing it by myself. One day in Mrs. Faehnrich’s geometry class my group of friends and I were working on our assignment together and we were determined to finish before the class period ended. As the end of the class period ended I was following along with my group and they came out with the answer a bit faster than I did, so I continued my calculations and then I checked with them asking what the answer was. I wrote down the answer which I had correct and the same, all to then end up having Mrs. Faehnrich pointing me out for cheating. I was not cheating, but she just happened to point my out at that time because she was fed up with our class working like we did and some other reasons. I went home that night in tears because I did not think I was cheating. The next morning before school was in session I went into her room to apologize and we talked it out. She just wanted to set an example for all of the class to get everyone to start working on their assignments alone. This experience lead me to become very independent in my math studies later one and I knew I worked slower than the rest but I always made it through.

Photo CC-by chrismetcalfTV

My next experience does not start out with school but effects my in how I became the person I am today. My junior year of high school, the biggest year of high school, my parents got a divorce and I learned to do a lot of things about myself and became a lot more independent. After the divorce my mother, my younger sister, and I ran the farm we still live on and continued our lives. During the lambing season I had to leave school at least two times a day to come home and check on the sheep to make sure that when they have gave birth that the lamb was okay or alive. My mother could not leave the school because is a teacher. During this year I became more independent with my life and learned that I can do more things than I trust myself doing. I think this learning experience motivated me to push myself to get good grades and also allowed me to handle being so far away from my family during my college years.

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  1. That’s too bad you had such bad experiences with math. I have a number of bad experiences, too, unfortunately. I really wish I could start over and go through better math programs in school, then maybe math wouldn’t be so intimidating!


    1. Honestly, even though it was such a bad experience I don’t think I would go back because I know more about my self while learning math. Math is still my enemy but it is also my motivation to beat it!


  2. I myself disliked math throughout my high school year. My favorite year for math was my 9th grade year. My teacher made math fun and made it comfortable for me to ask questions and never make me feel like I was stupid when it came to math. Science was always one of my favorite subjects as it continues to be today. I loved being able to get my hands on something and creating an experiment. We all go through different learning experiences and it is so interesting to hear about all of ours. I believe it is so great that we get to go through things differently because it shapes us into the person we have became today.


  3. Learning to become independent can be difficult and hard at times. That time in your life was very difficult I can imagine, but you can use what you know and learned to help other students who may be in the same situation you were. Great job.

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  4. I really like that you included some life learning experiences too because that’s where we learn many of the lessons that are most important and valuable. My mom was an English teacher for many years, so that’s a connection that we share too. I always thought I would want to do something different, but I love reading and writing and teaching as well.


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