The End of My Independent Learning Project.

It’s the end of the class and I am happy to say that I truly did enjoy this Digital Literacy class mostly because of my independent learning project but I really can’t complain about anything else I have learned. My independent learning project, sign language, was so fun to me because of the following reasons;... Continue Reading →

The Education System Today.

Goodness this week’s article reading sure was a handful but all so true in my opinion. I would first like to touch on My Generation Essay: Redefining education by Emily Mitchum. I am sad to say this when I am in school to become a teacher but as a graduate I 100% agree with Emily... Continue Reading →

Sign Language Check In

Oh have the past two weeks been a whirl wind but I got my trusty American Sign Language app on my phone to learn while on the go. For this week I have been reteaching myself signs that I have quite got the grip on yet and learning some new ones. On my trusty American... Continue Reading →

The Internet and My Mindfulness.

In the TedTalk by Paul Miller he said something along the lines that the internet is a very valuable thing we have in this world and it does take a lot of brain power to navigate but its not productive. I would have to agree with Paul Miller on this statement because I am a... Continue Reading →

My thoughts on Digital Activism and Teens

  First off I started my weekly research with some research on what digital activism is. Digital activism is a form of activisim on the internet and social media websites while supporting key political platforms. If you think that you do not participate in digital activism, your wrong, a simple like or share of a... Continue Reading →

Technology and Digital Citizenship

In today's world technology such as apps, social media, and everything else you can do with the different devices can be very dangerous. While going through high school us athletes were always preached to be careful and aware of what we put online whether it was in our jerseys or school shirt or something not... Continue Reading →

Sign Language Is FUN!

Where to begin? Last week at the beginning of learning about my independent learning project, American Sign Language, I learned that American Sign Language is different that another countries sign language. I learned that sign language learning sign language is just like learning to talk and walk. The first learning sign language video I watched... Continue Reading →

Podcasts, Digital Stories, and More…

What is ds106? Ds106 is an online experience that designs and builds one’s online identity. The ds106 experience touches on storytelling, technology training, and critical interrogation of the digital landscape. The objective for this digital experience is to 1. develop skills in using technology as a tool for networking, sharing, narrating, and creative self-expression. 2.... Continue Reading →

Week One of Learning Sign Language

So far to start off my independent learning project about sign language I have researched what sign language is, some history, and have started to learn some signs from an online resource. First off what is American Sign Language? American sign language is a complex way of communication from the deaf or hard of hearing... Continue Reading →

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